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Make Passive Income Online in 7 Simple Steps

Have you ever wanted to create your own online business that brings in cash while you sleep? Imagine what you want with most of the time and still a full time income, month after month.

Make Passive Income Online

You're going to learn how passive income online, with a simple system that has been adopted and proven to make more and get back to work. You can, if your goal is to provide additional liquidity comes to hand, or quit your job altogether.

Before performing a passive income online, you must understand that there is no magic pill. There are only tested models such as work, but you must act. I recommend lifting a few hours a day as "useful lessons", where you commit fully to build your online business passive income.

Now we want to, how to jump to passive income online.

Step One: Decide on your niche

First you have to your niche. Be a niche audience, the marketing is. There are thousands of profitable niches are. The best niches are ones where people have trouble burning - such as debt, loss of weight, make money, illness and so on.

I like to use the following websites for a brainstorming niche:
  1. Shipping
  2. Clickbank Market
  3. 43Things.com
  4. Buzzle article
Step Two: Identify the keywords

Once you know what niche you are going to market, the next step is to find keywords. The keywords will be the bridge between you and your prospect. . And "what your prospect is trying to find an excellent free tool for keyword research is the most important tool you want to use Google for keywords that have search.:
  1. High search volume per month
  2. High CPC (cost per click)
  3. Low competition
Step Three: Record and Get Your Domain Hosting

After finding a primary key and a set of related keywords, it is time to make your Web site. You will need a domain and a place to host your domain. One thing I love to create an online business passive income is that you can start for very cheap. The hosting costs about $ 10 per month and domain name costs about $ 10 per year.

Step Four: Install your own blog

The next step in this "How to Earn Passive Income Online In 2012" guide is WordPress to install a free, popular blogging platform. Wordpress allows you to easily manage content and web pages with no programming or HTML knowledge.

Step Five: Add the Content

Once you set up your Wordpress blog, you need to send exclusive content to your blog on a regular basis. Your content must offer real value to the reader and in solving their needs. In theory this should be content to write, but there are also services to write the articles that you can trust

Step Six: You make your website

Well, here is the fun part. Content you can actually links to affiliate products, so every time someone buys something through your link you receive commissions. Another way to monetize your website is Google AdSense, which displays ads on your site and you pay a few cents to ten dollars every time you use someone clicks on an ad.

Step seven: the free movement attract

The last thing we need to do is to get to travel on our blog. This article is about making passive income, so we need a free source of long-term traffic trends. The best way to do this is through SEO or search engine optimization. It's about linking to your site from other sites and with the keyword as anchor text.The more links from quality sites, the higher your ranking in search engines.

Once you have ranked high in search engines, you can enjoy a steady stream of visitors to your site every day. These visitors will click on ads and affiliate links throughout the day, on autopilot, allowing you to make residual income and have more free time!

Congratulations! Now you know how to make passive income on the Internet. The next step is to act for you, and enjoy more money and freedom in your life.

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