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How To Make Popular Post Widget on Your Blog

Hellow Blogger tutorials friends, Now I will give you a tips and tricks that you may not to miss it. Well, I will talk about How to Make Popular Post on Your Blog. As the name suggests, this widget will display the article / post on the most popular on our blog. That is posting the most frequented by visitors.

Well, it's just a simple ways to make it. Please follow these steps: 
1. Login to your blogger account. 
2. Go to Layout menu. 
3. Click add a gadget, look at the image below: 

    4. And then, click/add popular post

    5. Next, you can modify your widget as you well. Look at the image below:

    6. Save it.

    Hmm.. Is that a simple ways? I hope you can do it well. Thanks for atention.
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