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Google Blogger Guidelines Tips

Useful Guidelines for Site Design and Content
  1. Your site has to be clear hierarchy and text links.
  2. Create your Blog Site map with links which refer to other important part of your Blog.
  3. Keep it mind that what would be those word’s users will be type to find your pages and those word’s have to be in your site content.
  4. Use Text instead images for important name, links and content. Because those image’s can’t recognize by Google Crawler.
  5. Don’t allow broken links in your site. To check your site for broken links use Lynx text browser.
  6. Keep your site links (less then 100).
Guidelines For Technical Help
  1. Fancy features like JavaScript, DHTML, cookies, Flash etc can be affected Search engine spider for crawling your site.
  2. Text browser like Lynx can help you out to examine your site. Because most of the search engine spider see your site like Lynx do.
  3. Use robot.txt file for your Blog. Because this file tells crawlers which part or directories can or can not be crawled. This service available in Google Webmaster Tools.
  4. Your site should be appears properly in different browsers.
  5. For Flash, images, and other non-text files Guidelines Visit Google Help Site.
Specific Guidelines For Quality
  1. Don’t use hidden text and hidden links.
  2. Don’t send automated queries to Google.Set keywords properly in your pages. 3. Don’t use irrelevant keywords.
When Your Site Ready Submit It To Google

For Blogger

If you are an owner of a website but you don’t have any Blog. My advices to you create one. It is easy to create and update. Useful and original content will encourage readers to come back to your site. It’s a better way to connect with people and share your product and interests.

Tips of making for Blog

1. Write well and frequently
Frequently update your Blog content will help your Blog traffic. A useful post once a week is much better then low quality content published daily. The better idea is to search in Google for a subject of interest in your field. If you can’t find any good reply. Create a Blog in that Subject.

2. Webmaster Guidelines
Before you start to create your Blog you have to follow the guidelines of webmaster to creating rich and useful content like images, flash and other rich media in your Blog.

3. Always Categorize your post
Labels and tags are a great way to organize your content and help users to browse your Blog.

4. Find your Blog
Make sure users can find your Blog easily. Link your Blog with other Blog you creating.

5. Tips for affiliate sites
Blog with original content adds value for users.

Make sure crawlers and readers can find your content

  1. Always add your Blog to Webmaster Tools accounts. Blogger user can add their site in their account by clicking Webmaster Tools under Tools and Resources on the Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Verify Your Blog: for detailed stats and diagnostics about your site, verify your ownership. There are other procedures you can take to verify your site b uploading an HTML file with the filename they specify and another is adding Meta tag in to your Blog template.
  3. Submit a Sitemap: sitemaps are a great way to tell search engine about content on your site we might not otherwise discover. They accept several different formats. If you publish an RSS or Atom feed of your site, you can submit the feed URL as a Sitemap.
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