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Business Ideas for College Students

Are you still in school but feel your entrepreneurial spirit totally soaring? You know you need an income, but you really want to work on your terms? I completely understand! I’m an entrepreneur, remember? And, I know that feeling of wanting to create and succeed. When it comes down to it, you really can find success with nearly any good idea, but business ideas for college studentsmeans starting a business that fits your lifestyle and your goals.Here’s some great 2013 business ideas for students.
Young Entrepreneurs: Business Ideas for College Students
  • Sell food. (Seriously!) Everyone has to eat (especially students) and selling good food on the cheap can be an overnight success.
  • A cleaning business. A cleaning business has super low overhead and is a sure fit for a student. Between the flexible schedule and the great money to be made, this is a great business idea for college students.
  • Lawn care (snow removal in the winter). A lawn care business requires a little bit of start-up money (you’ll need some equipment), but take that and run with it!
  • Try a green business. Everyone is on board with eco-friendly everything these days. Got a great idea for recycled product or energy conserving devices? Try it.
  • Become a beauty advisor. Being a Motives Cosmetics Beauty Advisor mixes your passion for makeup and business into one!
DO you have any great 2013 business ideas for students? Please share!
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