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What is SEO ?

Hy guys.. What is SEO ? it is a question that often appear on Blogger Newbies mind, but it does not apply to professional bloggers, because SEO is the main menu should they know to get success in the internet world. so for the professional blogger, you should not be read this article because the article is special for the blogger newbies (beginners).

Definitions and it'sbackground

what is seo ?
What is SEO 
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique or process to improve the performance of a site that has a high ranking on search engine results pages (SERP = Search Engine Results Page), so that will maximize the traffic to the site, be it a static website or blog.

For a blogger, the traffic of visitors who come are an important pillar of a blog. Its importance will also be higher if the blog is used as a medium to do business online. This is because traffic is their prospective customers. The more traffic, the chances for success more wide open.

Internet users usually use search engines to find what he sought.Most of them then just be interested in the first 10 or 20 sites on page 1 and 2 of the SERP, without any desire to see thousands, hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions of sites on the next page.

So, if your blog appears on page 1 of search results with keywords that we seek, the more traffic will come to our blog. This is why SEO was born. Search Engine Optimization is then to be 'compulsory' for webmasters and bloggers.

SEO: Easy or Difficult? 

Well .. This difficult question to answer. Because, 'compulsory subjects' this one appears to be more difficult than easy to say :-(. The technique developed also vary. SEO is deemed accurate by a blogger is not necessarily used by other bloggers. One thing is clear, SEO requires tenacity, patience and time to get the results we want. Until many months? Could be! 

There are basically two kinds of SEO:

1. Onpage Optimization

As the name implies, this type contains about SEO optimization techniques by modifying certain factors within the webpage / blog it self, for example:
  • Selection of keywords that are ingenious, including its use in the phrase.
  • Just use the targeted keyword in the Title.
  • Using the symbol «|» in Title.
  • Use of Header Tags.
  • Enough keyword density in content, and not keyword spamming.
  • Placement of keywords at the beginning and end of the webpage.
  • Use of Alt Tags right on the image.
2. Offpage Optimization

Off page optimization basically consists of the factors that are not found on the web page / blog, but use the search engine algorithms when determining the ranking of a site. According to Brad Callen of Bryxen Software, these factors such as:
  • The types of sites that provide links to us.
  • The number of sites that provide links to us.
  • Page Rank sites that provide links.
  • Anchor text used in links.
  • The number and type of sites which link to a site that links to our site before.

Development of SEO

Today, millions of websites 'online war' in the world of the internet to become number one in the eyes of search engines. Of course it is difficult to win this fight. Some webmasters / bloggers to apply SEO techniques are natural and lawful in the eyes of search engines. The technique is commonly known as White Hat SEO. His opponent .. yes Black Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO techniques are usually at risk. The site in question could be banned by search engines.

On the other hand, the factors that search engines use increasingly complex and constantly improving the algorithm to improve the quality of their SERP. The algorithm used by search engines were not the same. This is why, every search engine SERP may vary for the same keyword. Bother you?! In conclusion, we must always learn a lot about SEO.

Now, I'm sure that you already know about What is SEO. You may also like this article: Google Panda Change Paradigm of SEO. Thanks for visiting...
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