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Introduction to SEO

Hello Bloger Tutorial Friends... I am sure that you already know about SEO. This article does not have to actually posted, but I think that maybe there are those among you who do not know, for that I post the article on Introduction to SEO it. Really, I just wanted to share the knowledge I have gained.

Introduction to SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), has become a very important thing to many people with various backgrounds. Narrowly SEO is all the effort that we can do to improve our website ranking on search engines (search engines), whether we are doing directly on our own website (on-page) or external factors outside of our website (off-page ). This activity usually involves engineering against the elements and the content of our website, and most do without a cost.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), has a wider scope of SEO. In particular SEM also includes PPC (pay per click , we pay the search engine for each visitor who comes to our website by search engine page.) SEM concerning whatever we do to get as many visitors to our website through search engines.
Generally we can't separate them. SEM is the way to bring visitors to our website through search engines, where one way is to have a high ranking search engine. We can also take adventage of new phenomenon in the virtual world community, it's social media. Social media is a form of network to share information on the Internet. You can see it as a sophisticated form of the human way to share the information it deems important or interesting acquaintances. The use of social media to increase traffic to our website called Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Let's not be too separate these things all have to remember the fundamental equations . Object is the same: our website.Same goal: to bring visitors as much as possible. All under one umbrella: SEM, involving all the methods we use to bring as many visitors to our website. With its popularity is growing very rapidly, social media sooner or later be taken into account in the search engine ranking systems. 

When everyone abuzz do the same thing, we should separate ourselves and do a different thing. In SEO the courage to be different usually give satisfactory results. Everybody does the same thing, does not mean you should not be doing the same thing anyway. What I mean is that you should do the same thing in different ways. 

I intend to share my experience in the writings on this website.You will see a good and bad experience, many peoples get success and others get fails. Of course, follow a good experience with creative and successful way. We recommend that you try to apply with modifications that come from your own creativity. If you have the desire to share the fruit of your creativity here, would be very good. Believe me, share and help will not hurt us. No need to hope there are people who reply to your kindness, because the one on top will not forget you.

Well, it's my post about Introduction to SEO. You may also like to read my previously post about White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO. Thanks for visiting.
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