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White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO

Hello Blogger Tutorials Friends.. Do you know about White Hat and Black Hat SEO??

As online marketing becomes more popular, more companies turning to SEO unethical methods to get higher ranking and traffic. 'Black Hat SEO' is a term used for such unethical methods. As an ethical SEO company the following methods to drive traffic to a site called 'White Hat SEO'

Some of the common Black Hat SEO Techniques:

  •  Keyword Stuffing: The content is loaded with keyword phrases that are targeted so that the Search Engines see them as relevant and index them. The contents apply to the lottery.Sometimes the keywords are also placed in a small font size in the bottom of the page to increase the number of times a keyword appears on the page. 
  • Text Invisible: This is an extended form of Keyword Stuffing. The keyword is added to a page with a color that matches the background color of the page. It can also be done by creating an image file that matches the color of text and then put in the background. It also increases the frequency of keywords on the page. 
  • Doorway Pages / Redirect: Another version of the keyword stuffing is the use of door way pages. the page in a website does not provide much in terms of content. They only added to promote a particular keyword or phrase in the hope of directing visitors to their web sites are added with the intention that serves as a 'door' to the homepage. 
  • Duplicate Sites: affiliate partner sees the success of some of their clients' sites, copying content from them, tweak it a bit and put it online in hopes of capturing their sales. Duplicate such sites, as detected by search engines, can be banned. 
  • Interlinking: Link to site is very important in ranking sites. In order to generate artificial links, some website owners make some Web sites and link them together to build the overall link popularity.
  •  Cloaking: The practice of giving different information (content / URLs) for users and for search engines is called cloaking. This is used when certain elements of the website are not crawlable by search engines. 

The search engine optimization does not allow web sites until they are done in a manner that is approved and ethical. Common White Hat SEO techniques are:

  • Quality Content: There is no alternative to quality content. As long as your content useful and fresh, without fail visitors will come to your site looking for information. 
  • Use Key Words: Although the contents of the building make sure you have keywords that are placed in the right place and they appear in the right frequency. Keyword proximity, density and prominence should play an important role while writing content for websites. 
  • Proper coding: Using the correct Meta tags, Title tags, HTML code and modify the words in your content for greater relevance are several methods that SEO can be done ethically. 
  • Connecting: A good inbound links to help your site to increase visibility of your website. Article Syndication, Press Release, Good Blog Posts etc are some of the methods by which you can get quality links to your site.
  • Internal Linking: Linking pages on your website and provide a sitemap will help in easy navigation by the crawlers from search engines in indexing and faster. 
  • Use of Social Media: You can use social media like Twitter and Facebook to create a buzz on your website. Post relevant tweets, has an attractive landing page, posting interesting insights about your brand on these sites. They will assist in adding 'fans' and 'followers'; thus increasing traffic to your site. 

I hope the information about White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO can be useful for you. Please also read this Introduction to SEO. Thanks for visiting iHowMore Blog.
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