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Create Privacy Policy Page For Your Blog

Its always a good practice to make privacy policy page for your blog. You can see this type of page in horizontal menu, vertical menu or at footer section of the blog. It tells the readers about their privacy means what type of information (cookie, cache etc. ) is collected by your blog when they are on your blog. Most of the services on the Internet don't allows such blogs to participate in them which have no described privacy policy on their blog.

Adsense is one of them who will not approved your account until your blog have privacy policy page, every time you will get page type error if you submit your application without having privacy policy page.

So what is privacy policy, It is the most important document on any website. It details the company's views and procedures on the information collected from visitors.

So adding this page on the blog will not harm anything to your blog so set up your mind to add this page on the blog.

How To Create Privacy Policy Page For Blog

You can make it with a few click, you are not going to type the whole page just go to SERP Rank, provide blog address and email address and choose the advertisement which you are going to add on blog.
Create Free privacy ploicy
After all the customization hit Create my Privacy Policy button, a next window will appear which have privacy policy neatly written now just copy this and post it on a static page of your blog.
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