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How to Get More Followers on twitter

Twitter is one of the leading social network which helps to get traffic for websites and build our business. Nearly 500 million people are using twitter accounts. so creating a twitter profile is more valuable for Internet users, bloggers, business men etc., Here we are going to discuss how to get more followers from twitter.

Steps you should follow to get followers

  • Complete Biography:
This is the major mistakes done by many twitter users by not completing their profile Details. Every twitter user would like to read the profile before they follow you. If you keep your biography update. Twitter allows only 140 characters for a biography. So you must write your biography in short and easily understandable. The biography must contains about your business, expert along with any special details that are need for people want to know about you
  • Retweet:
This is the important tips. Ask the followers to re-tweet your tweets and links. Re-tweets will helps your twitter name to expose you to new users who would not know about you.
  • Follow:
Follow other twitters users who are related to your website niche. It is not possible to get new followers in overnight, so following other twitter users is an important step to gain more followers. Make sure that you must follow the twitter user who are having your thoughts or related to your content, because this will attract them to follow you.
  • External Link:
Use your twitter username everywhere in online. put a link on every social medias which you are using to interact with others in online for example you can put twitter username in your email signature, facebook account, linkedIn and many other instant messaging services you use.
  • Hash Tags:
Twitter Owns the hashtag system which is used to track the similar tweets.adding hashtags to your tweets will helps new people to follow you. so dont forget to use hashtag infront of your tweet. for example: #this is the samplepost
  • Read Tweets:
Always spend some time to read the tweets of twitter users with many followers. Search for twitters users with many follwers who have same business and personal information as you. then study carefully what kind of tweets they used to put out and learn tweeting tips from them.
  • Warnings:
Don't ask your followers to retweet all your message because this will be violate the twitter terms and condition. so ask them to tweet only the message is important and more useful.
Don’t copy the tweet from other users. Always be genuine.
  • Tips:
Getting more followers twitter will take some time. So don't give up, try to work hard until you get success.
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