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Protect Your Email Address From Spam Robots

If you're displaying your email address on your web site, you may be unknowingly setting yourself up to receive a ton of spam email. Unfortunately, spam robots are continuously crawling the Internet in search of email addresses they can use to not only send spam, but also sell to other spammers.

However, although it's very difficult to protect yourself from receiving spam email, there is a way you can still display your email address on your web site and protect it at the same time.

Instead of displaying the usual mailto:you@yourdomain.com email link within your web page, use the following code within your HTML:

<A HREF="mailto:you&#64;yourdomain.com">Contact Us</A>
When your email link is clicked on, it will display your email address correctly.

Change the email address in the example above to the email address you would like to display.

By using this simple little code, you can protect your email address from spam bots.
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