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The Different Methods of CPA Tracking

CPA or Cost per Action is an advertising scheme wherein the publishers are being paid when a specific action is done by the visitors of the websites. These actions are then taken as a result of the marketing scheme. This is different from the usual affiliate marketing that may not need to make a sale to be paid within the CPA network. These payments are made whenever a lead is being generated whenever a phone number or email address is submitted to get a free downloadable product or information from the website.
Before the publishers get paid, there should be a CPA Tracking involved so that the CPA network would know how much the publisher will be paid. For the networks to promote different products and track the market that is interested to learn more or purchase the products that you are selling or promoting, different CPA Tracking methods are done.
Reviewing of Websites
Different websites connected to the CPA network usually contain three or more products that have the same niche. Example of which is Makeup or beauty products. A brief introduction is given regarding each product as well as its reviews and star ratings. These products will then be ranked accordingly. These websites contain links to the personalized landing page or will be linked directly to the website of the merchant.
Sales or Landing Page
A landing page is usually like a direct sales page. Landing pages introduce a number of information on the product that it is promoting. It is somehow challenging because it needs to have enough information for the readers to be interested enough to click the link and sign up to the mailing list. It is said to be useful for websites to have one direct path from a landing page. A lot of options may only result to the readers to lose interest.
Splash Page
The Splash Page is another method of CPA tracking where a website's contents usually have attention grabbing graphics that include headlines with such punch lines that encourages the readers to fill out a form that includes their details through the merchant's website. Websites that use a splash page are usually the ones that sell products that do not need too much explanation or these products are already known to the public. Examples of these products are popular gadgets such as the iPhone.
Fun or Quiz Landing Page
This is quite similar to the splash page, only it is made to be simpler. Usually, this type of landing page consists of a question that have choices of answers that when clicked would lead to different domineering buttons.
These are the examples of websites or landing pages that are used by the CPA network to track the leads or market that visits a particular website. This tracking system is very helpful so that they would know how much the publishers are going to earn. CPA tracking is one of the ways to know the people who usually visit a specific website.

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