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SEO Tips: 5 StumbleUpon Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

What is StumbleUpon?
If you are new to StumbleUpon, you first need to know what it is all about. StumbleUpon is a very successful social bookmarking website, driven by users who like to share links to blog posts and other online content that they like and enjoy. StumbleUpon is based on a simple voting system in which users choose content they like and stumble or share the content. Other members in the StumbleUpon community can vote for the content by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down options using the StumbleUpon toolbar. This toolbar can be installed when new users register for the StumbleUpon account.
Be careful not to stumble your own content
The first rule for you, which is also an unwritten StumbleUpon rule is to keep away from stumbling your content. You can submit your content, but only after someone else has submitted it first. If you keep stumbling your own content, other users might feel that you only focus on self-promotion and don't add any value to the StumbleUpon community.
Stumble diverse content from a variety of sources
Spend some time on reviewing content at various websites and blogs and stumble from an assortment on online resources, while choosing a blend of photos, articles and videos to stumble. Be selective and choose the finest content that you really want to share with your community of StumbleUpon users. Don't keep choosing the same content to stumble and also avoid stumbling the content which does not seem likely to add value to other users within your network.
Use excellent descriptions and titles
When you have finally made your selection of content to stumble, take out the time to write an effective title and appropriate description for the content to attract other users to click on your submission and view it. Vague, irrelevant or poorly structured titles and descriptions will waste your efforts as they will not be useful for others and you will not achieve the desired results at StumbleUpon.
Make friends in the StumbleUpon community
You must find the time to find out more about other StumbleUpon community members and engage with them. Befriend them because your presence on StumbleUpon will grow stronger and more effective as your networking improves with more users. These connections will be stronger and more valuable when you interact, so don't just add people as friends and then ignore them. Your strength and influence on StumbleUpon will grow more as you improve your networking.
Use one identity and only one account
If you try to fool other users within the StumbleUpon community by creating numerous accounts or by stumbling content posted by your friends only, with them doing the same for you, you are likely to get caught. As a result, your content would get buried and you could even get barred from StumbleUpon, either temporarily or even permanently. To gain success at StumbleUpon, follow all the rules, even the unwritten ones.

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