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Creating a Favicon (Favorite Icon) for a Web Page

You can create and display your own favicon for your web page.

If you're using Internet Explorer 5 or above, you've probably noticed that some web sites you've placed within your "Favorite Places" have an icon beside them. You can easily create a custom icon for your web site as well. This will enable your visitors to see your icon in their "Favorite Places."

It's very simple. All you'll need to do is create an icon file called, favicon.ico and place it on your server where you store your HTML files.

Your first step will be to download an icon creation program. You can find a good shareware program called "Icon Easel" here.

Once you've become acquainted with the program, you'll need to create an icon with the following specifications:
• Your icon must be size 16x16• Your icon can be up to 256 colors

Once you've created your icon, save it as favicon.ico and upload it to your server.

For additional information on creating a favicon (favorite Icon), click here.
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