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10 Simple Tips to Maximize Your Google+ Social Media Marketing Efforts

First let me tell you why I feel Google+ is a must for any Business's Social Media Marketing Campaign.
For many small businesses getting 1000 likes on Facebook could take up to a year to achieve while many on Google+ are seeing the same growth in as little as a week. Google pretty much has a monopoly when it comes to SERPS. Google+ followers give a significant boost to your website in search results "SEO BOOST". Targeted content to targeted groups is a bonus when using Google+. There are currently more than 90 million Google+ users so it is definitely worth paying attention too.
Google rules the Search Engines, so obviously they had to create a Social Media Platform. Now I still prefer Facebook and Twitter due to the increased fan base and overall popularity but make no mistake Google+ is Growing and will continue to grow so its best to be a part of it in its early stages. Now I know it may be daunting to take on another Social Media Platform but I find 10-15 minutes a day either posting, sharing, engaging, and or commenting is worth its time in Gold. With Google Analytic's Social Media tracking I am able to see first hand in detail how Powerful Google+ is becoming.
1. The broad amount of control Google+ offers is a big plus. I like the fact that after a post I can fully edit, link, or update my content. This is limited on Facebook and Twitter.
2. Make sure to optimize your title tags: Using the right Keywords can have a big influence with search results and click-through rates.
3. When creating circles make sure you know who you added and if you forget there is a link "limited link" at the top which will then show you a picture of everyone you added.
4. To tag a person on Google+ type the "+" symbol followed by their name. This is different from Facebook where you would type "@" followed by their name.
5. Once you start joining many circles you may start to receive an overload of notifications. You can stop this by going into settings and turning off select email notifications.
6. Google+ has made it possible to index your new content super fast almost instantly.
7. To save time finding and uploading pictures or links simply drag and drop in the share box.
8. An eye-catching author pic could do wonders. It may even take traffic away from higher ranked competitors.
9. Make sure to add +buttons to your content.
10. Circle Fascinating people or targeted people and make it simple for others to circle you.

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