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How to Be a Good Guest Blogger

Pitching to be a guest blogger is a great way to widen your readership and strengthen your reputation as an authority in your chosen field.
Did you notice I used the word 'pitch'?
A lot of would-be guest bloggers forget that they don't have a right to be published on other people's blogs. The decision about whether to publish or not is the blog owners and no one elses. You have to convince them that your article will:
  1. Bring in new readers
  2. Fit their blog's personality
  3. Slot into their niche
  4. Entertain their readers
Let's take a look at how you should make your approach.
What not to do
Do not, under any circumstances:
  • Send in any old post and ask for it to be published
  • Chase them after a day if you've not heard back
If you do, it shows a complete lack of respect for them as a blogger.
How to approach them
The number 1 rule is to do your research to identify blogs that you can approach and that they are within your area of expertise.
Then read several of their posts to get a feel for their style and content type. After all that approach wins them readers so you'd do well to replicate it as closely as possible without creating something that's a copy-cat style. Your personality still needs to shine through.
Once you've done that it's time to make contact.
Don't just send them an article, instead send an email asking if they would be interested in accepting a guest post and what their guidelines are. Give them a few suggested ideas (that you know fit within their niche) and ask which one they think their readers would enjoy.
An instant response is unlikely, so give it at least a week before you send a nudge - just make sure it's a polite one.
The blogger say yes!
Superb, they loved your idea and have asked to see the full article.
You already know the style you'll adopt and what their guidelines are, so now make sure the layout is attractive. Use plenty of subheadings to break the content up and keep your language simple.
Remember that your blog has to be interesting and relevant, not a blatant sales pitch. If it is, it will be rejected quicker than... well a quick thing.
Finally, check and double check your grammar and spelling and then send it off.
If you're successful, thank them and offer another post and start building a relationship with them. But if you are rejected, take in on the chin, you can always offer it to someone else. Don't challenge their decision - that could jeopardise any chance of a future submission. Just like in sport, the blogger's decision is final.
As a copywriter and blog owner myself, I know how valuable good guest bloggers are, but if you want to get on the 'good' list, you've got to work at it.

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