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The 3 Systems Of Affiliate Marketing

I love being an affiliate. It gives me leverage when it comes to marketing to my email list, and everything is already done for me. I'm sure this is the same reason why you're involved with affiliate marketing, and if I'm correct, you probably love it either. But making the commissions and getting the sales aren't that easy as it seems to be.
There are all kinds of ways to improve your affiliate income. There are 3 types of "systems" that you can employ if you want to have the internet business of your dreams - while only working for a few hours each day. You have to put in the work necessary if you want to make money using this kind of income model.
Let's talk about the 3 kind of systems that you can use when it comes to affiliate marketing and making money online. I'm sure that you have heard of all 3, but have never implemented them before. Or if you did implement them, you didn't do it correctly or didn't wait until the systems worked themselves. Here's the first "system" that you can use to explode your affiliate marketing income:
1) Email list building
Building your own opt-in email list is essential to the operation of your business. If you want to see hot prospects and leads flowing into your business everyday, this is the way to do it. To get set up with email list building and email marketing, there are a few simple things that you will need to do if you want to make it a success.
You will need a website, an autoresponder, and an opt-in form. You can get the autoresponder and opt-in form from various autoresponder companies online. Two great ones are: Aweber and GetResponse. But there are others. Drive people to your squeeze page and build your list, and start marketing to them over and over again. Here's the second system:
2) Pre-sell page
A "pre-sell" page is a review-style website page. It's purpose is to condition the reader to the product that the website owners wants to sell. Various examples of pre-sell pages are: review sites, product comparison sites, or even direct linking. You'd make more money using review sites and product comparison sites as opposed to direct linking to the affiliate product, but it works for some people. Here's the last affiliate system that you need to do:
3) Traffic
Without traffic, it's going to be tough to make money with affiliate programs. With all of the traffic that you get to your site, you should be converting them to leads, and then following up on them for a sale. It's going to take a lot of leads to make your business a huge success. But if you can get targeted traffic coming in - it can be as easy as pie.
You can get traffic from blogging, writing articles. search engine marketing, pay per click advertising, advertising on high traffic websites, forums, and even social media. There's no shortage of traffic online, so you have a huge opportunity to get a ton of traffic simply and easily.
With these 3 affiliate marketing systems intact, you can't go wrong. Be sure to implement them today so that you can make more money online.
Good luck with your affiliate marketing efforts.

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