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Top SEO Tips: 3 Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy Fails On Google

  • Ignorance
Internet marketing provides numerous options and activities that require valuable time and initiative. Due to ignorance, you sometimes cannot choose the best alternatives among these SEO options. People ignore new strategies and continue doing what they always have, which keeps them stuck in the same vicious cycle with no progress in SEO. The three basic SEO elements that people generally disregard include diversification, customization and human-orientation. People acknowledge that search engine optimisation rules have changed but ignorance of what these changes include leaves a blank space, since we choose not to try new strategies. You can still get back links technically, instead of trying to differentiate anchor links, and you might improve your SEO, but the benefit will be temporary. Ignorance is definitely bad, but the unwillingness to learn new strategies is definitely worse!
  • Impatience
Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process. Internet marketers generally see improved ranking results within three to six months and sometimes more. In most cases, high profile websites with strong background rank significantly higher in SEO even if they have low quality, insufficient content. Conventional search engine optimisation strategies coordinated with a brand identity building approach generally require approximately 52 weeks. You are literally building your website's online presence, which is a repetitive and continuous process. These accomplishments can be upgraded with SEO marketing. You need to realise that a website ranking cannot be built in a day, instead, you have to move higher patiently and consistently. Impatience makes people do foolish things, and poor SEO can cause more harm than good for your website.
  • Poor confidence
Poor self esteem and low confidence levels can lead to resentment and an inability to learn a lesson from disappointment and failure. Some people are generally unable to reject internet project offers, and keep looking for packages, programs and videos to invest in. These affiliate marketers and SEO optimisers are perceived as influential people and the rest feel their low self esteem get even lower. They grab every request at the cost of significant investment of money and time. These people's confidence levels stay the same and doesn't progress as their websites do. The weak personality influences their SEO strategic management skills and they are likely to agree to everything. These website owners don't think wisely at all when it comes to modifying their sites according to the changing scenario. Since they keep doing the same things, they keep getting the same outcomes, which is quite frustrating. Since the strategy they have adopted is being followed by the influential sites in the Internet world, they believe that it can't be wrong.
The final conclusion is that for success in SEO, you must be willing to learn new approaches and become skilled at distinguishing the clever strategies from the foolish ones to gain success for your website and confidence for yourself. If in doubt, always consult with a professional web design company or experienced freelance web designer who have experience with Google SEO.
Max Chohan is an experienced website designer in Dubai working for the leading web design company in the Middle East. At Puzzleworks Design, he has has the expertise to offer advice on the best seo strategies.
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