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Top SEO Tips: Promote Yourself With Pinterest

According to news sites and social media tips, Pinterest has provided 3.6% more visitors than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ combined. As a professional web design company or freelance web designer, you can gain substantial increases in traffic by using Pinterest. You can pin business cards, infographics and posters that can promote you as a talented and innovative creative professional.
  • Your bio
Pinterest provides a fortune for inspiration and users frequently use pinboards to search for the right graphic designers, photographers, stylists, illustrators and various other professionals with a unique style. You can make it easy for them to find your designs or photos by adding a bio that describes what you do and who you are.
  • Organise your work
Categorising your work so that it shows your creative capabilities and your style is a good idea. A photographer can create different pin-boards for various events or topics. Graphic designers can organise their work according to the campaign, product type, design style, medium or industry. A fashion stylist, make-up artist or hair stylist can create various boards for hair, beauty, clothing or other subject appropriate according to their work style.
  • Add captions
After adding a pin, add a creative caption to the pictures along with some relevant information. If you follow your clients who also use Pinterest, mention them in the description, adding their username preceded by @. They might appreciate it and perhaps even re-pin it. For the intermediate users, adding # along with the image category is a good option, such as #weddingphotography or #graphicdesign and a description is appropriate. Users looking for specific topics will thus be able to locate your work.
  • Share whatever inspires you
Use Pinterest for inspiration. Millions of options and resources are available for a creative person. If you are a graphic designer who was inspired by event or concert posters, share them. If you are a fashion designer, you can share design collections, sketches, mood boards, recent editorials or even runway looks you have been planning. You can even share images that your audiences may find inspiring even if they are completely unrelated to your work. Using Pinterest on a personal or professional level can give your followers and clients some interesting insights into your creativity and interests. Commenting on images that inspire you can initiate interaction with other Pinterest users.
  • Fans and followers
As you get more followers or fans, return the favour and follow them too. Connecting with other individuals who share a mutual interest shows them that you are interested in their work too.
  • Make your website pinable
Add a pin it button to your professional website or blog in the section where you host your work samples or images as part of your social media tips strategy. Explore the Goodies section on Pinterest for buttons and HTML code which you can use for your website. Your visitors will then be able to pin your images to their Pinterest boards.
Max Chohan is an experienced website designer in Dubai working for the leading web design company in the Middle East. At Puzzleworks Design, he has has the expertise to offer advice on social media and the best SEO strategies that work.
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