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What Is a Blog and How Does It Help SEO?

The term blog, a combination of the words web and log, is a somewhat informal term for a website or section of a website containing frequently updated content, similar to a news feed. Personal blogs may be kept like a journal, while many professional blogs are written to keep readers up to date on the latest news in a certain industry or to give regular tips about something. Another purpose blogs are being increasingly used for is search engine optimization (SEO). Blogs are one of many SEO secrets that boost traffic to your website. If you are trying to create a Network Marketing website a blog would be the way to go.
How do blogs increase traffic? The aim of SEO is to boost how relevant you website appears to search engines for a particular phrase, or keyword. A blog focusing on one particular subject will have relevant keywords throughout its posts, showing the search engines your website is focused on that topic. For instance, if you sold t-shirts, your blog might have posts on different t-shirt fabrics, various ink and printing processes, and the best way to design content for the t-shirts. The word t-shirts, along with related words, such as screen printing and fashion, would appear over and over in the blog, making it easy for an automated search engine to recognize your blog's relevance to the term t-shirts. This means that when a person searches for t-shirts, you website would appear high on the list of results. Websites at the top of a search results page tend to get the most visitors, which can mean more business for an e-commerce website.
Blogs also provide interesting content, and give visitors another reason to come to your website. If you're selling a product, chances are people mostly check out your site when they're looking to buy something specific. A blog entices them to spend more time on your website reading and learning, and it creates more chances for you to sell products.
Blogs also provide great content which visitors can post links to on social networks and Network Marketing Lead Generation websites. These links will drive additional traffic to your website, but more links also boost your rating in search engine's indexes. They assume that more links mean you site is more popular, and so it's more likely people will want to visit it. These are some great reasons why you should consider adding a blog to your website to boost traffic and SEO power.

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