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2 Ways People Try To Cheat Google AdSense

By now I'm sure that you've looked all across the internet in search of an income opportunity that you can use to make money online. And throughout all of your searches, you've more than likely discovered a program called "Google AdSense". And believe it or not, this is a great program to be involved in.
Now you will see a lot of ads and a lot of people boasting about their AdSense income. Some people will even show you a check that Google sent them - which is against Google's terms of service. But you should know that beyond the hype lies a truth that is absolute in whatever niche that you are in.
The "truth" is that many online business owners have found little-known ways to TRY and "cheat" Google AdSense. No I'm not talking about clicking on their own ads and having their friends click on ads also. No. I'm talking about ways that seem legitimate at face value, but once you take a look at how they are earning their income - it's a total fraud.
In today's lesson, I would like to share with you some of the scamming ways that people online try to make money with AdSense... quickly, and hugely. You should know that Google isn't dumb, and some of the methods that I will tell you today are methods that Google has already cracked down on, and are still cracking down on till this day. Here's scamming method number 1:
1) Auto blogs
An "auto blog" is simply a blog that populates itself using content from RSS feeds. So someone can start from scratch, get a WordPress blog, fill up content from RSS feeds, place their AdSense ads in areas that doesn't make it look like an ad, and start bring visitors to it immediately from blogging and pinging.
And then... they go out and create THOUSANDS of these kinds of blogs. Yes, not hundreds... thousands of blogs. This is what people actually do. Now like I said, Google is picking up on this technique and are banning peoples' AdSense account left and right. They're not even eligible to apply anymore.
Google is very smart, and if you try to game them this way, you will get caught. Here's another scamming method that you shouldn't do:
2) Build up a social network of friends to click on your ads for you
This is a sneaky little trick that a lot of people use. What they do is that they go to forums and make friends... go to social networking sites and make friends... and go on the social bookmarking sites and make friends too - and they all "help" each other out with their AdSense incomes by clicking on each other's ads.
The way that Google cracks down on this methodology is by viewing the IP address of where the clicks came from. If they see a recurring click pattern from the same IP addresses time and time again, they will ban your account without warning. And you should know that the more money you make from AdSense, the more they will pay attention to you to see how you are getting your clicks.
Stay away from these scamming methods and build your AdSense business up in the right away. Get good targeted traffic and stay away from auto blogs. You'll thank me later for telling you this.
Good luck with making Google AdSense work for you.

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