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Top 5 Tips for New Twitter Users

1. Set the scene...
When you are new to Twitter it can feel like a sparse place to be. Before you begin your follower assault you need to set the scene. Make your Twitter profile look good. No one wants to follow an egg on the standard basic sky blue Twitter background.
Go to 'settings' and 'profile' to add a profile picture and your name, location, website and bio. Go to 'settings' and 'design' to change that boring old Twitter background and inject some personality into your page. Recently Twitter has introduced the option to change your profile header as well, so if you are on Twitter, change this up too!!! Don't leave it blank and get left behind!!!
2. Don't fall into the celeb trap...
A lot of people sign up for Twitter and search for famous people to follow. The problem with this is that celebrities very rarely follow back. This can leave you with a poor follow back ratio which isn't going to help your Twitter ranking in the initial stages of setting your account up.
If you are dying to know what Lady Gaga has been up to just search for her in Twitter and you can see her posts. You can see most people's Twitter posts without following them first, unless they have a padlock symbol which means they have protected their tweets.
3. Tell your friends...
When you have no followers and you follow someone you don't know, they can be forgiven for assuming you're a Twitter nobody or even worse they could wrongly think you're a SPAMMER!!! The result may be that they are not going to follow you back.
In the first instance the best way to overcome this is to follow your friends and acquaintances that are already on Twitter. You can tweet your friends and tell them you are new to Twitter and ask if they wouldn't mind following you back. Most people will gladly oblige, especially if they get a new follower in the process.
4. Start to spread your Twitter wings...
Once you have established that your Twitter account is worthy of some follow backs, (even if they are just follows from your mates), you can then move onto following the people you don't know, but would like to get to know.
Use the search bar in Twitter to look for people who share your interests. You can even use the gear icon to access advanced search to refine your targeting even further.
5. Interact...
Don't be afraid to start a conversation, after all, Twitter is a social networking site and most Twitter users (with one or two exceptions) are friendly sociable people!
When someone you like follows you say thanks! if someone says something funny or something you agree with reply or retweet it. If someone is spamming or saying things that are inappropriate report or block them.
If you keep doing this before you know it you will have lots of new followers and you will find that Twitter is a great place to be!

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